The rainbow has at least seven colors, I (Peggy Jentoft) see more than that myself, but from a metaphysical view there are seven, and the wide spread tendency of art and advertising to reduce the number of colors to to six or five is seen as a symptom of a denial of the spiritual side of human nature. I'm not having a cow about this but As a complex multilevel symbol of hope and wholeness it would be nice if we had a more accurate representation of it than is widely available.

Rainbows often appear while the sun is shining after a rain shower. The sun, the observer's
eye and the center of the arc must be aligned. . The rainbow appears in the part of the sky opposite the sun and is an arc of 180 degrees. It is caused by the refraction and reflection of rays from the sun on a sheet of water droplets. The light is refracted as it enters the sphere of the individual water drop, then is reflected from the drop's opposite side and is again refracted as it leaves the drop and passes to the observer's eye.


            In Judeo-Christian religion and art, the rainbow symbolizes God's promise of mercy to mankind after the flood. (Gen. 9.13). The Greeks and Romans called the rainbow the sign of Iris, messenger of the gods. The Inca and other Native Americans regarded the rainbow as a gift from the sun god. They also believed that gods traveled on the rainbow because it moves so rapidly and that the rainbow carries heroes between heaven and earth.

In Arabia, the rainbow is the tapestry draped by the hands of the south wind. It is called the cloud's bow or Allah's bow. The Russians call the rainbow the "Gate to Heaven". In New Zealand, dead chiefs travel up the rainbow to their new home. There are fairy tales
of searches for the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow.
People all over the world have different beliefs and different ways of looking at and
understanding the same thing. When a rainbow appears, everyone is struck by its magic and its beauty.


            These are the same as the Chakras, the vortexes of the human body in reverse order. Though there are more of these than the traditional seven too, as new chakras are opening. We need all the spectrum colors in our lives to be truly happy.


The Peruvian Shaman K'ichy has said that the full spectrum rainbow with at least seven colors will become the most sacred symbol of the emerging time the so called "new age" A symbol of hope and diversity and completeness. It serves to remind us to attend to all aspects of our lives, each color representing many aspects of being, and the combined spectrum forming the pure white light of enlightenment and divinity.


THE RAINBOW GLOBE: a manifestation visualization

Many people have found this exercise vitalizing and an effective manifestation

Stand with your feet slightly apart in a comfortable position
 relax, now above your head imagine a beautiful globe of rainbow
 light shining on you, this is the light of your connection to the
 divine source of all. This is the light of fulfillment and
wholeness, This is the light of abundance. THIS light will bring the
 things you need to you. Reach up with both your hands and pull
 the light down to surround yourself completely. Feel the rainbow light whirl throughout your entire being your body and your aura .
 feel it wash away your worries and blocks, release them into the
 light . Allow your wishes and needs to flow into the rainbow
 let them go, Know that this will bring into reality all that you
 need for your highest good and soul purpose. now allow the rainbow globe
 to rise above your head again and return to source .


A wonderful tool for seeing rainbows and helping with rainbow meditations and color healing and and chakra toning work is That old cd YES something to do with all those old Aol sign-up Cd's you have . just hold it in the light and focus on the rainbow spectrum you can flex and move it around it to bring a specific color that you want to work with into more prominence .