Tomatoes with Green Onions


2 cups canned tomatoes

Put into heat resistant casserole, cook over direct heat 5 minutes and add

810 green onions cut into pieces

tsp. crushed black pepper corns

pinch of basil or oregano

13 tsp. dark molasses or sugar

tsp. salt

Simmer 58 minutes; move lid to one side to let juice evaporate; remove from heat and sprinkle surface with

cup cubed American cheese

whole wheat bread crumbs

Serve as soon as cheese melts


Variations add with onions chopped ripe bell pepper or pimento, celery, corn or mixed vegetables.

Put tomatoes into hot oiled casserole and sprinkle with crumbs and seasonings of basic recipe; add grated cheese and paprika; bake at 350 degrees for 10-13 minutes