Tortilla Roll-Ups ham or turkey


Make this tasty tortilla appetizer recipe with ham or smoked turkey.



Spread tortillas with cream cheese and sprinkle with salt and pepper; top with a slice of ham and a lettuce leaf. Roll tortillas up and chill. Cut each tortilla into 5 pieces before serving. Serve with salsa, if desired.

Makes 50 appetizers.



Tortilla Rolls - Tortilla Roll-Ups With Cream Cheese



Have tortillas at room temperature. Place the remaining ingredients in a bowl mix with an electric mixer on low until well combined. Spread mixture thinly and evenly over tortillas to within 1/8-inch of edge.

Roll up jelly-roll fashion and wrap each tortilla in plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.


When ready to serve, slice in 3/4 inch rounds and arrange on serving plate. Serve plain or with salsa. Note: tortillas will dry out if cut too far in advance. Serve with your favorite salsa or a few different dips, Ranch dressing, guacamole, sour cream, your choice.
Makes about 60 appetizers. NOTES : These are good with crab meat, too!









Tortilla Roll-Ups



Directions for tortilla roll-ups.
In a medium bowl combine cream cheese, sour cream, chilies, onion, red bell pepper, and Cheddar cheese. Mix thoroughly. Spread onto tortillas and roll up. Cover tightly and chill for 2 hours or overnight.


When ready to serve, cut each roll into 1/2-inch slices. Serve with salsa or picante sauce. Makes about 8 dozen pieces of tortilla roll-ups.


Tex Mex Black Bean Wraps





In medium bowl, place black beans and mash with a fork. Leave some beans whole for a chunky texture. Add salsa and mix well. Prepare bell pepper, tomato, and cheeses.

In small bowl, mash avocado with sour cream and lemon juice.  (cont’d. next page)

Spread bean mixture over tortillas and top with vegetables and cheeses.

Place some avocado mixture over cheeses. Roll up sandwiches and serve.


Cheesy Roast Beef Wraps



Place tortillas on work surface and spread with salad dressing. Layer remaining ingredients on tortillas and roll up, enclosing filling. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill until serving time. 4 sandwiches

Dee Dee’s Tortilla Wraps

package flour tortillas

1 cup container sour cream

depending on tortilla count, one slice of ham OR turkey per tortilla

salt, pepper to taste

Xmas 2006 I have “Merry Christmas” Salsa from Saul house

Any salsa ok to use

2 cups package shredded sharp cheddar or other mixed blend cheese

**Spread thin layer of sour cream on each tortilla to 1/8 inch at edges

salt and pepper to taste

place 1 slice ham on each tortilla

spread salsa over ham

sprinkle shredded cheese over salsa

roll tortillas tightly, wrap each in plastic wrap Tightly

cover and refrigerate overnight

unwrap and slice into ¾” thick slices

arrange on large plate

*** note *** tortillas will dry out IF cut too soon – (before time to serve)