Before "Hawaii 50" there was "Hawaiian Eye".  CLICK ON Hawaiian Eye-Tiki God picture (above) to Listen To their theme song.


A "classic tribute" to Don Ho. 

CLICK ON Don's Picture (above right) to Listen To "Tiny Bubbles"

And Then there was "Hawaii 50", then "Magnum P.I.", and Now a New to Us,

yet another TV show, "Hawaii 50"........hmmm

CLICK ON "Hawaii 50" Big Surf picture (above right) to

Listen To Theme Song


CLICK ON "Surf" (pic above) to Listen To "Magnum, p.i." theme song

So WHO are these Guys?  Yes, I watched this Very Short Lived TV show, simply titled as "Hawaii".  Loved the scenery and their Car of of my all time favorites, a 1959 Red Cadillac Convertible!  Mahalo!