Wright-Rosenbaum House

Christmas Eve 2013

Stephens' Visit

Sept. 29 - Oct. 2, 2014

Art Deco Autos

Colette-Mom Visit 10-09-13

Post-Birthday Celebration Oct. 20, 2013

New Year's Day 2013

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Gadsden 2013

Got Leaks?

Sexy '65


Pre-Post Birthday & Hallowe'en Celebrations



Got Deck?



Happy Easter Day!


Wedding of Century



"Do You See What I See?"


AU Tiger Tribute

Appliance Mayhem

Turrentine B & B

Cat Drinking

Happy Anniversary!

Yard Work Nov. 2010


Snow Jan. 2010


Happy 50th Birthday

to Vickie!

Flood Rains May 2010